3d Visualization

Most of my friends call me Lo, but my surname is Wong, I am a Christian (93 years believed in the Lord), was born in Hong Kong, and now live here, I really like this place, whether clothing, food, housing , transportation, and so is very convenient, but the only drawback is that everything is a few expensive.


My career is a Industrial Designer and 3d Visualizer . Mainly responsible for product design, 3d Modeling & 3d Visualization. Sometimes I need to be responsible for logo design, poster design, book design and CD packaging design ..... and so on.


3d is my hobby, especially modeling, texturing and rendering , each step is fun. In 1999, I tried the first 3d software is Rhino, a few years later I bought Alias (Design Studiotools 9.5.2), then it became my favorite tool.



Special Thanks


3d learning process, I would like to thank some of the people, first and foremost Kenny Chan, from his ALIAS LEVEL 1,2,3 class,  I learned to operate Alias Studiostools and modeling techniques, and I learn some knowledge of Maya in his Maya Course also.


2003, from Shannon Ma's Master Class in CHARACTER ANIMATION IN ACTION and learn a lot of tips on human character animation, and more in-depth understanding such as: polyon modeling, blend shape, texturing, skeleton, ...... etc.


My mentor Kelvin Cheung (Pixel Art Ltd.), he let me have a deeper understanding of nurbs modeling, he gave me some critical suggestions to make me more efficient to build a high-quality model.


A special thanks to my God, he let me met some experts one by one and solve all sorts of problems. There are a lot of frustrated encountered in my learning process, my wife "Apple" still spent together with me, thanks a lot!!



In this website, most of rendering images are my personel works, all done with my spare time and want to learn new skills from them. For reasons of confidentiality, I will not disclose the company's work here. Currently employed at INFINI DIGITAL CREATION as 3d Visualizer.



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